"Power Blade" 8000mAh Dual Output Power Bank


Thinner Is Definitely A Winner.

As the thinnest power bank in the world, the "Power Blade" won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2013. It is so thin that can sit snuggly in your ring binder ready at a moment's notice. When you see how it balances stunning looks with practicality and an astounding battery capacity of 8000mAh, you won't be surprised it won.

Revolutionary thinness.

    At 5.2mm the “Power Blade” is the world’s thinnest power bank, the question everybody is asking is how did we do it? We believe the first step to truly innovating is to forget everything you know and open your mind to fresh ideas. So we redesigned everything from the chipset to the screws, and case to forge a revolutionary blade like thinness.

    Go the extra 1mm.

    When striving for the thinnest power bank possible a further improvement in thinness was required. The "Power Blade" engineers and designers dedicated 3 months to re-imagine the USB port just for cutting extra 1mm. It can extend to full-size when needed and compress when not in use.

    One feeds two.

      Thanks to the "Power Blade" power bank's dual USB output, you can charge two devices at once. Use it to keep your phone and tablet both running, or help out a friend in a tight spot by charging together.

      Smart design that redefines portability.

        How about a power bank without the inconvenience of carrying it? The “Power Blade” merges with your everyday stationary.  It is equipped with holes that match a Lever Arch or Ring Binder. By Blending this blade like power bank with a folder, you will forget it’s there until you require more from your phone.

        How to forge a real blade?

          Quality materials result in quality products. Thanks to its aluminum alloy body, the “Power Blade” dose not sacrifice strength in the pursuit of thinness. The unique texture protects it from scratch and helps your blade stay as cool as possible.

          Massive power in minimal form.

            Don't be fooled by its ultra-thin size – with a 8,000mAh lithium-polymer battery cell, the “Power Blade” got massive capacity. It allows you to fully charge an average smart phone 4.5 times, so you’ll never worry about a dead battery again.

            Utilise every last drop of charge.

              The "Power Blade" also charges more effectively than most power banks, up to 85% of battery cell capacity goes directly to your devices. It means that you can utilise every last drop of charge.

              Find you peace of mind.

                The "Power Blade" is strengthened by 6 layers of circuit chipset protection. In most extreme circumstances, it is smart enough to save your devices, and itself.

                Built to last.

                  Thanks to its lithium-polymer battery cell, your "Power Blade" will still retain up to 80 per cent of its original capacity after 500 full cycles of charging and discharging. That’s after 1,750 charges on an average smart phone!

                  Live in the fast lane.

                    The maximum 2.1A output current allows you to reduce charging time by as much as 33%.

                    One fits all.

                      The "smart detection" battery management system automatically detects the best output to suit your devicebe that 500mA, 2.1A, or something in between.


                      Dimension: L213mm*W140mm*H5.2mm / A5
                      Weight: 300g
                      Capacity: 8000mAh
                      Input: Micro USB 0.5-2.0A
                      Output: General USB 2.1A
                      Battery type: Lithium Polymer
                      Lifespan: ≥ 500 times
                      Compatible devices: 
                      • iPhone, iPad, iPod series
                      • Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony etc
                      • Other tablets and mobile devices
                      Package contents:
                      1 * Emie Power Blade External Battery, 1 * Micro USB charging cable, 1 * Wool Felt Sleeve Case, 1 * User manual,  1 *Warranty card

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                      Category: Power Bank

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