Creative Modular Selfwatering Square White Pot - Kitchen Garden, Home and Office Decoration (4-port USB Charger Pot)

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4-port USB Charger Base

The USB Charger base allows you to recharge multiple devices at once, all in the same place. The sleek, modern design fits neatly into any desktop, conference room, or home office environment. With a slim, splash-proof design, it's robust enough to withstand watering. The built-in sensor enables the pot work as the switch of turning the USB charging on and off. Place the pot on the base, the LED indicator will be turned on and the charger will begin to charge your device.

4-port USB Charger Base

Dimension: 85mm*85mm*50mm

Input Voltage: AC 12V, 50Hz

Output Voltage: DC 5V

Output Current (Total Sockets): 7.2A

A perfect gift for all ages - fashionable decoration for home and office spaces.

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