About Us

Thingy.Club began with two Ph.D. students at a coffee table. We had a profound discussion about technology and humanity, and then we stopped. 'Why is our lives become so hectic now', this question killed our conversation. We looked around and we released that nine-year-old ourselves. The mission on that day was, to find the most good-looking, the most ridiculous and yet the most useful products that we can on the Internet.

We did. And the mission remains as activated as it was on that day. We had a designer joining us to be the guardian of beauty, and a fixer who is able to turn those shiny ideas into reality. 

At Thingy.Club we go around the world to discover beautiful, quirky little gadgets that can bring convenience and fun to your lives. Trust us, the journey has been as much fun as using what we found. So we encourage start-ups to keep creating thingys for us, and we encourage you to help discover them for yourselves.  

Choose life, choose a career, choose a car, choose a handwarmer that looks like a macaroon, choose a wallet that can charge your phone wirelessly, choose a tab that knows where your key is, choose Thingy.Club.