April 27, 2015


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Fashion and Functionality Meet in Smart Jewelry

“Wearable jewelry” today includes a range of devices from those that alert you to important calls and texts to those that are meant to serve as protection for women in peril. 



It is a smart jewelry line including bracelets, rings, and pendants. The “Kovert” vibrates to notify you of a call, text, email or WhatsApp message.


The MEMI is an iPhone-connected “smart bracelet”alerts you to incoming calls, texts and calendar events with a discreet vibration, allowing you to carry your phone in your purse. You can set it to only alert you to incoming communications from important contacts.


$49 - $150

Cuff is a line of jewelry wearables, including cuff-like bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and keychains.

Each piece of Cuff jewelry has a button you can press in case of emergency. Once pressed, a group of pre-configured contacts are alerted that you need help. You can also program the alert to connect to specific people by tapping twice, or three times for example.

Tory Birch For Fitbit

£35 - £175

Tory Birch for Fitbit is a collaboration between Fitbit and Tory Burch that will combine wearable jewelry and the technology of the Fitbit Flex. Designs include bracelets and necklaces. They can track steps, distance, calories burned and sleep just like Fitbit.



Ringly is a connected “smart ring.” It can alert you to phone calls, texts, emails, updates and more, through customized notifications using vibrations and light. Related app supports iOS and Android.

Misfit Shine

$99, Accessories: $19.95-$80

Misfit Shine is an attractive fitness tracker that can be placed into watches, socks, and pendants/necklaces, or magnetically clipped onto lapels, shoes, etc. It racks steps and sleep patterns, and can be tapped to give you the time of day.

Smarty Ring 


It is a connected “smart ring” with a geeky look than Ringly. It alerts you to incoming calls, texts, emails, app updates and more, as well as remotely controls your phone, alerts you if your phone is lost, and tells time.

However, it has been one and a half years since it successfully got funded on Indiegogo, the backers are still waiting for their Smarty Rings.



It is a smart jewelry line including bracelets, rings, and pendants. The “Zazzi” piece is interchangeable between the different jewelry items. It alerts you to incoming calls and texts, while you keep your phone in your purse. Moreover, it change the display image to fit your mood or style.



It is a connected smart ring aimed at teens, the ring alerts you to incoming calls, texts and other notifications with lights.

No. Company was supposed to open pre-orders this spring but didn’t. The website is still accepting email sign-ups, however.



It is a unisex smart ring which can let you control anything — send texts, control home appliances, make payments, and more.



It is a connected thumb ring which can detect gestures and touches, turning your palm into a gesture interface. Bluetooth-enabled to work with digital devices like smartphones, TVs, cars, etc. Can help visually impaired people especially interact with technology, as it can be programmed to dial numbers, text, interact with social media, take notes, change channels on TV, navigate maps, receive calls, read messages, and much more.

Guardian Angel

$120 for the pendent; additional bracelet accessories are $30-$60.

It is a connected device worn as a bracelet or necklace. Press the device to activate a fake call, thereby getting you out of uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations.

Netatmo JUNE


It is a connected smart bracelet that can measure your sun exposure throughout the day, and communicates that data to your smartphone to help you determine the appropriate SPF cream, and to remind you when to move into the shade. Jewels come in gold, platinum and gunmetal.

Beacon & Lively

It is a smart bracelet that can alert you to calls and text with ambient colors and slight vibrations. A flick of the wrist shuts it off.







March 23, 2015


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Smallest Mobile Phones That Make You Go WOW

While most flagship phones are getting ever bigger there are plenty of people who’d prefer a small handset. Sadly as popular opinion at the moment seems to be that bigger is better the smaller handsets are usually a little underpowered, but that’s not always the case as there are still some great ones. Here then are some small sized phones that you will find interesting and amazing.

1. BMW Key Fob Phone

Small, discreet and completely innocent looking, this tiny 'key fob phone' has been widely advertised as a 'fun item'. It was hugely popular with UK prisoners, even though they can only text and call – that’s all they need it to do anyway.  These tiny phones are easily sneaked into prisoners and used to contact people outside of the cells. If caught this can lead to two addtional years in prison. This doesn’t seem to stop them though – 7,000 handsets and SIM cards were seized in English prisons last year alone.

Size: 60*30*11mm
Weight: 40g
Screen: 1.1 inch LED color screen(128*128px)
Talk time: 120-180 minutes
Stanby time: 80-120 hours

BTW, there are also versions of Rolls-Royce, Farrari, Porche, Bentley etc. 


2. Willcom WX06A

Just launched in Japan, the WX06A is officially the world’s smallest phone. Due to the teeny tiny size of the phone it doesn’t have a camera and talk time battery is just 2 hours. But you are still able to text, make calls and send emails – it even has a fold out antenna so you can get better signal. This little phone, which comes in black, white and pink, is only available in Japan at the moment. The question is, will anyone be able to use the keys?!

Size: 32*70*10.7mm
Screen: 1.0 inch OLED color screen (96*96px)
Talk time: 120 minutes
Stanby time: 300 hours

3. The Modu Mobile

1. Modu 1

Only recently beaten by the Willcom, The Modu 1 was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Lightest Phone until 2013. The handset weighs just over forty grams and measures a mere 72 x 37 x 7.8 mm. However, the Modu 1’s diminutive size doesn’t prevent it from performing most of the functions you need from a phone. It’s able to make calls, send SMS messages, play MP3s and take photos. For some of these functions you may need to use attachments, bulking up the size a little, but this phone is still a wonder of micro design.

Size: 72.1 x 37.6 x 7.8 mm 
Weight: 40g
Screen: 1.3” AMOLED screen (128 x 96 px)
Talk time: 100 minutes
Stanby time: 150 hours

2. Modu T

Modu T is the next generation of Modu 1. It is world's lightest touchscreen phone.

Size: 75 x 46.5 x 11mm 
Weight: 55g
Screen: 2.2” resistive touch screen (240 x 320 px)
Talk time: 180 minutes
Stanby time: 312 hours

4. The Xun Chi 138

The Xun Chi 138 is more like a chic phone as it comes in pink color. The stylus neatly fits at the back of the phone. The handset weighs just 55 grams and utilises a touch screen that makes the most of handwriting recognition technology. As the handset is too small for a keypad, or a big enough touch keyboard, the handwriting recognition technology is incredibly important. This tiny phone has managed to cram in the technology necessary to run an MP3 player and camera, as well as a video recorder.

The phone is difficult to get hold of both in Europe and China. Actually it is quite mysterious and no one knows who made it and where it came from. You cannot even find it in Taobao.com - Chinese version of eBay. (Chinese people always says that you can find almost everything offered for sale on the website, of course it's half joking but it probably is the truth!) 

Size: 67.3 x 32.9 x 19.2 mm
Weight: 55g
Screen: 1.33”
LCD touchscreen (128 x 160 px)
Talk time: 2-3 hours
Stanby time: 2-5 days

5.CARD CM1-Aqua World Slimmest Waterproof Card Phone

The Card phone is a basic mobile phone the size of a credit card. It is small enough to fit into a wallet, and can be useful as a backup phone. 

Aside from water resistance, the CM1-Aqua has a six-day standby time, FM radio and vibrating alert–features carried over from the last version of the Card phone, the C1-Pro.

Size: 85x54.5x6.3mm
Weight: 38g
Screen: O
LED touchscreen (128 x 160 px)
Talk time: 3 hours
Stanby time: 6 days

6. Talkcase 

Talkase is a sleek and slim mini GSM mobile phone and iPhone case all in one. The size of your typical credit card, Talkase can be used as a standalone phone or can connect with your current smartphone via Bluetooth plus it can be stored conveniently in your Talkase iPhone case. 

Size: 86×48×5.5 mm
Screen: 1.1
inch OLED screen (128*36 px)
Talk time: 2.5-3 hours
Stanby time: 4-5 days

March 13, 2015


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Those Apple Watch Docks That Have Been Announced

As the noise begins to die down from Monday’s Apple Watch announcement, we’re seeing a number of accessory makers reveal solutions for charging and storing the timepiece. These Apple Watch docks serve to both charge your Apple Watch each night, and provide a suitably stylish display area for your watch.  View full article →
March 12, 2015


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Interesting Creative Plant Pot Designs

No matter how cold the winter is,Spring is sure to come. Do uou have any thoughts of greening your home? Thought you might want to update your plant pot, we prepared this week’s post – some Creative and Innovative Plant Pot Designs which will help to stylize your indoor gardening as well as keep your plant alive and healthy. Basing on their features, we categorized them into four group: Pot with Multifunction; Pot help you communicate with your plant; Pot help water your plant and Pot with Unique Shape. View full article →
March 06, 2015


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Those Interesting Keyboards

After searching for days, we have to admit that most of the creative keyboards we found might take it a little bit far, making us gaze at them with hope that we will get our hands on them sooner. Hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve selected so far, and you are welcome to post your feedback in the comments below! View full article →
February 27, 2015


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Unusual, Creative Timekeeping Gadgets

This time we will show you a huge collection of unusual, creative, unique timekeeping gadgets. Some of them are watches, some are clocks, some are calendars, some are very interesting installations.  View full article →
February 26, 2015


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Those Crazy, Cute, and Creative iPhone Cases

There are tons of reliable iPhone cases out there, but why settle for one that simply covers your device? Case manufacturers are getting more and more creative, offering iPhone shells that can double as stun guns, brass knuckles, and even thermal cameras (you know, for hunting ghosts). There are also plenty of cases that simply look wacky, for the extra-expressive user. Here are some of our favourite iPhone cases that break from the norm. View full article →
November 17, 2014


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Always a little bit more than your expectation

Apps. Social Media. Games. Music. Movies. Tasks. Emails. Pictures. Smartphones are all over our lives now. To some, smartphones might be their lives. But there's one question.

Don't you miss the good old times when you can actually call someone when you need to, but not when your phone has battery to? After all, how smart can your phone be when they are dead cold half-of-the-times? The awkward moment when you desperately running to a café to ask where they have a charging sockets. The anxious times when you forgot your charger at home. The helpless minute when you realise your phone is dead right before it tells you how find the right place. The missing messages, calls, love letters from your ex, not to mention the extremely important Tweets from your beloved stars.

Oh well. We can never get bored of creating the 'Smartphone, dumb people' jokes. But we don't realise that we are just becoming one of them. Social scientists even added a revised version of 'telephone phobia' and called it 'smartphone separation anxiety'. Just to say that smartphone power down is a spread social disorder now. They are writing books about it, going to conference for it, and inventing medicines for it.

Oh come on. There are one solution to all of this: get a portable charger. The only question should be asked is: which one to get? We went around and around, and kept seeing something like this:


Yes they all look the same. The only difference between them is whether they explode or not. I would rather get smartphone separation anxiety than taking one of those bricks with me the whole time. As a researcher, the last thing I want in my overly heavy bag is one more brick. Who cares if it charges. If I have to charge, I can at least charge with a style, a personality, and something not so dumb.

So I found this.


I would buy this just to impress my girlfriend. I can imagine she start a fight with me over this. She wants it. I won't give it up. She fights again. Then I will have a leverage. I tease her... Ok I will stop right here. What I am saying is, if portable charger is so inevitable, so make it inevitable.

The rabbit (or whatever it is), looks cool. You press the little star on its forehead it starts charging. Its light, feels great, funny. It's small, only fully charges my iPhone twice. But that's enough. Enough reason to buy one to just try it out. But it gets better.

I only realised that its ears actually sparkles in three different colours to tell you how much power it remains. Then I noticed that I can actually hang it on my bag as a decoration (of course I am too manly to do just that, but my girlfriend would totally up for it). 

Oh one more thing. The thingy came with a house-style box, for few reasons. The roof can be used as a tissue box and the bottom can be used as a cable organiser on your desk. I'm sold, completely.

Those tiny little details, actually lights up your life. It is, probably, for the nine-year-old boy inside of me. But it gets me. I love looking at it, and I love using it. It just goes directly to my imagination and sparkles it up. For crying out loud, for once I am actually happy if you call me dumb.

Disorder my a**, scientists.