Thingy Club

The Thingyclub Adjustable Desk Mounting Bracket has 2 USB ports on mount base. It is convenient for connecting keyboard, flash drives or charging cell phones.

The adjustable Arm can dramatically increase work surface area, workstation performance and user comfort. The ability to extend or collapse the monitor provides a much larger functional area for non-computer related work. A monitor that can be stowed away when not in use is rapidly becoming an essential space saving requirement. 

The Thingyclub Adjustable Arm offers finger touch height adjustment and articulation without the need for additional tools. It has a unique parallel head unit enabling repositioning of the arm whilst maintaining the angle of the LCD monitor. The monitor can move freely from landscape to portrait and tilt +90 ° / -85 ° enabling repositioning dependant upon user.

The perfect solution for both home and office applications, helping to reduce eye, neck and back strain. It mounts easily to the desk via either a desk clamp or bolt through desk mount / grommet. The grommet fits neatly through the cable management hole reducing the need for additional drilling.  Via its screw clamp, the desk bracket can be attached to surfaces with a thickness from 2 to 10 cm (clamp), 2 to 9 cm (grommet).

The Thingyclub offers up to 410mm of height adjustment for monitor and up to 500mm of reach, perfect for meeting the ergonomic needs of 95% of adults.


Gas spring hovering system gracefully adjusts monitor height for maximum safety and support of your hardware.

  • Position your display for maximum ergonomic comfort to relieve eye, neck and back strain
  • Free up more workspace on your table or desktop
  • Rotate screen between portrait and landscape viewing
  • Cable management channel keeps everything neat, tidy and out of the way
  • Easy-to-use, simple installation and effortless operation
  • Touch screen stable.
  • Swings on 3 axes, tilts on 1 axis and rotates 360˚
  • Max. load capacity: 5kg
  • 40cm adjustable height range
  • Cable guiding system
  • Ideally suited for monitors with screen sizes up to 27".
  • Soft coverings on critical areas prevent damage.
  • Material: Aluminium (cold rolled), ABS
  • Colour: Black
  • Vesa 75 Standard Mounting: Yes
  • Vesa 100 Standard Mounting: Yes
  • Package Dimension: 36.2*31.5*11.5cm
  • Weight: 3kg


  • Shipped as assembly kit with hardware (screws)

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