Height-adjustable iPad/Tablet/Phone Floor Stand


ThingyClub Height-adjustable iPad/Tablet/Smartphone Floor Stand will hold your iPad at the perfect height and in any position you wish. The fully flexible construction allows you to adjust the height of the stand and bend the gooseneck over to the most comfortable position. It is fairly easy to set up your iPad on the stand and you can adjust it the way you want it. The unique ergonomic design makes the stand truly portable and it can be easily moved around the house, gym or stage.

And it's awfully handy for watching cooking shows while making dinner, sight-reading while playing guitar, gaming on the sofa, youtubing during breakfast, surfing the web before bed - you name it!


  • Adjustable and bendable support neck allows for a flexible range of viewing positions
  • Silicone Holding pads to give a secure grip on your iPad or Tablet without damaging it
  • 360° Rotation allows both vertical and horizontal viewing - Portrait & Landscape
  • Ideally suited for smartphones with screen sizes between 3.5" to 5" , tablets between 7" to 10".


  • Material: Steel (cold rolled), ABS
  • Colour: silver-gray
  • Height: 680-1730mm
  • Package Dimension: 695x315x50mm
  • Weight: 5.1kg


  • Floor Stand *1, 5" Smartphone Mount *1, 7" Tablet Mount*1, 10" Tablet Mount *1

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