ThingyClub Rotation Laptop Stand with Heat-Vent to Elevate Laptops/Notebooks

Thingy Club

ThingyClub Rotation Laptop Stand is a sleek aluminum tabletop stand that elevates your laptop screen to an eye level position and creates a comfortable angled position for your wrists while typing. The overall ergonomic design promotes better sitting posture to help reduce neck and back strain. The optimum cooling dock quickly dissipates heat improving overall airflow around your laptop. Unique features of the stand include 360-degree rotation for a customized viewing experience and a large open bottom area that provides additional storage. The back side of the stand provides an area for cable management that neatly route wires. Your desk and laptop are kept safe from scratches with bottom and surface side silicone padding. The top surface padding and front lip prevent your laptop from sliding off the docking platform. Sand-blasted and silver anodized finish matches majority of laptop frames and Macbooks. Designed to fit most 11" to 17" laptops. 

Designed to fit most 11" to 17" laptops 
Works with majority of laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks, Macbooks and more


  • PREMIUM ALUMINUM universal desktop stand for 11" to 17" laptops, notebooks, chromebooks, Macbooks and more. Single-piece light weight design comes with a silver anodized finish that matches most frames
  • ERGONOMIC VIEWING & TYPING designed to elevate your laptop for better viewing angles and create a comfortable slanted position for wrists while typing. Turntable base offers unique 360-degree rotation
  • DESIGN COOLING dock that quickly and efficiently dissipates heat improving airflow around laptop
  • SILICONE PADDING on the bottom and top surface of the stand to protect your desk and laptop from slipping and scratches
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT area through the backside of the stand neatly routes wires keeping them organized and protected

  • Specification 
    Material: Aluminum 
    Colour: silver

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