ThingyClub Small Sit Stand Gas Height Adjustable Standing Desk - 69cm Wide Platform Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

Thingy Club

The ThingyClub Sit Stand Gas Adjustable Desk-Top Workstation which provides flexible conversion of desk for you to work both sitting and standing.  

The ergonomic workstation can be used to most flat surface that for home and office applications, it was designed to assist those who are challenged with back, neck, posture, and circulation problems. It provides multiple height desktop work levels to maximise comfort, introduce work height variations, optimise posture / natural blood circulation, and reduce eye strain.

A real strength of the workstation is its extraordinary flexibility. It is easily install (5 minutes) and gas spring assisted lift mechanism allows you to setting and standing effortlessly in just seconds. Apply pressure up or down to raise or lower the desktop. Once you find your desired height, just release the handles and your desktop will lock into position. It support 12 stays height adjustment can hold up to 15 kg sturdy and stable even at its fully extended height. The workstation configuration allows 14-50 cm of height desktop and 0-35cm keyboard adjustment. The wider adjustable range between min and max height enable repositioning dependent uponuser requirements.

All these allow for optimal positioning in all working environments, situations and lighting conditions. Even on more active work space, the ergonomic workstation allows you to save space without having to continually reorganise your work space.



Gas spring system gracefully adjusts workstation height for maximum safety and support of your hardware.

  • Smooth and Stable Movement: gas spring hovering system allows the workstation to smoothly adjust for sitting or standing with just squeeze the handles on each side.
  • Large Work Surface, Wide Keyboard Tray: offer a deep, wide surface. There's room for your work materials and enough space to put your monitor at a comfortable reading distance.
  • Ergonomic Benefits: Choose from 12 height levels as you transition between sitting and standing throughout the day. Our products support a better posture and healthy wrist and arm positions.
  • Straight Up and Down Movement: Our workstation rises and folds vertically, within its own footprint. There's no need to make spatial accommodations, as may be required in comparable products.
  • High Quality Construction: Support up to 15 kg, has undergone extensive testing for balance, stability, and movement - including a fatigue test of 6,000 height adjustments.

Technical Specifications: 

Max.loading weight capacity : 15kg 
Product weight: 21kg. 
Dimensions (Desktop): 670 mm(W) x 580 mm(D) 
Dimensions (Keyboard Tray): 670 mm (W) x 300 mm(D) (Middle) & 200 mm(D) (Both wings)Extension Height: 140 mm - 500 mm (Desktop Surface) & 0 mm - 360 mm (Keyboard Tray) 

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