Modular Desktop Garden


These modular creations in building block-inspired forms can stand alone or be combined with any number of other units, from a small trio to a full interlocking installation. Stylish geometric precision for your table or office desktop, designed to keep your sense of aesthetics as happy as your growing greenery. 

Set A: Mini Power Plant Clock

The clock itself does not run on battery and is powered by the plant. At the back of the clock are a two different types of metal blades. The metal blades are embedded into the soil. The wet soil acts as a conductor between the two metal blades and produces enough electricity to power up the clock, without craving additional toxic juices.

Imagine having a herb garden that also powers the kitchen clock! It is also great for kids as a science toy or educational gift! 

Package includes: 1×Tray(255*18*85mm). 1× Self Watering Pot(85*85*85mm). 1×  Mini Power Plant Clock (170*85*85mm)

Set B: Self Watering Pot

The rather minimalist white (though also green) polypropylene plastic ‘pots’ hide a system that both retains moisture but keeps plants lower down from becoming over-watered, by draining excess liquid directly down to the reservoir tray.

The material itself within these mini gardens is designed not to leach toxins into your soil or plants, but is a smooth synthetic that can be more easily cleaned.

For succulent/cacti, the self-watering is done by evaporation. It will give the plant just enough & consistent moisture. While for other plants, self-watering could be done by means of fabric wick through the holes of the spacer. The plant could draw up the water it needs to stay green and fresh from the reservoir.

 A perfect gift for all ages - fashionable decoration for home and office spaces.

Package includes: 1×Tray(255*18*85mm). 3× Self Watering Pot(85*85*85mm, Pot Dia: 6.8cm)




Self Watering Pot

Dimension: 85mm*85mm*100mm

Weight: 200g

Plant Clock

Dimension: 88mm*170mm*100mm

Weight: 300g


Dimension: 88mm*170mm*15mm

Weight: 50g


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