November 17, 2014


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Always a little bit more than your expectation

Apps. Social Media. Games. Music. Movies. Tasks. Emails. Pictures. Smartphones are all over our lives now. To some, smartphones might be their lives. But there's one question.

Don't you miss the good old times when you can actually call someone when you need to, but not when your phone has battery to? After all, how smart can your phone be when they are dead cold half-of-the-times? The awkward moment when you desperately running to a café to ask where they have a charging sockets. The anxious times when you forgot your charger at home. The helpless minute when you realise your phone is dead right before it tells you how find the right place. The missing messages, calls, love letters from your ex, not to mention the extremely important Tweets from your beloved stars.

Oh well. We can never get bored of creating the 'Smartphone, dumb people' jokes. But we don't realise that we are just becoming one of them. Social scientists even added a revised version of 'telephone phobia' and called it 'smartphone separation anxiety'. Just to say that smartphone power down is a spread social disorder now. They are writing books about it, going to conference for it, and inventing medicines for it.

Oh come on. There are one solution to all of this: get a portable charger. The only question should be asked is: which one to get? We went around and around, and kept seeing something like this:


Yes they all look the same. The only difference between them is whether they explode or not. I would rather get smartphone separation anxiety than taking one of those bricks with me the whole time. As a researcher, the last thing I want in my overly heavy bag is one more brick. Who cares if it charges. If I have to charge, I can at least charge with a style, a personality, and something not so dumb.

So I found this.


I would buy this just to impress my girlfriend. I can imagine she start a fight with me over this. She wants it. I won't give it up. She fights again. Then I will have a leverage. I tease her... Ok I will stop right here. What I am saying is, if portable charger is so inevitable, so make it inevitable.

The rabbit (or whatever it is), looks cool. You press the little star on its forehead it starts charging. Its light, feels great, funny. It's small, only fully charges my iPhone twice. But that's enough. Enough reason to buy one to just try it out. But it gets better.

I only realised that its ears actually sparkles in three different colours to tell you how much power it remains. Then I noticed that I can actually hang it on my bag as a decoration (of course I am too manly to do just that, but my girlfriend would totally up for it). 

Oh one more thing. The thingy came with a house-style box, for few reasons. The roof can be used as a tissue box and the bottom can be used as a cable organiser on your desk. I'm sold, completely.

Those tiny little details, actually lights up your life. It is, probably, for the nine-year-old boy inside of me. But it gets me. I love looking at it, and I love using it. It just goes directly to my imagination and sparkles it up. For crying out loud, for once I am actually happy if you call me dumb.

Disorder my a**, scientists.