Those Interesting Keyboards

After searching for days, we have to admit that most of the creative keyboards we found might take it a little bit far, making us gaze at them with hope that we will get our hands on them sooner.

Concept Foldable Keyboards

Have you ever been complaining that your keyboard is either too big or occupies too many space? Well, if you do think so, you are welcome to have a look at the Keystick Keyboard.

THE KEYSTICK IS less a folding keyboard than a stacking keyboard. The overlapping sections slide over one another to turn a small, oblong bar of plastic into a ridged keyboard, complete with neat pop-out USB dongle to plug into your computer.

However, it is just a concept design designed by designer Yoonsang Kim more than five years ago. Its compact design and elegant shape still looks fashionable.


QII Keyboards

“Qii is the world’s first, truly mobile, rollable pocket-sized keyboard for your smartphone or tablet.”

If you are looking for a very unique Bluetooth keyboard to use with your smartphones the new Qii equipped with a fully flexible QWERTY keyboard might be worth more investigation. The Qii prototype, as the creators described, is equipped with a textured surface for easier touch typing and a waterproof coating. However, it has been in development for a number of years to get it to this stage.


When Victorian-era fantasy design meets technology, it ends in a creative explosion of polished brass and exposed mechanisms known simply as steampunk.

Glass keyboard

Sometimes… well, heck, no… most of the time we end up wanting gadgets just because they look cool, and today is no exception. 

Transparent, elegant and futuristic, Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse are our next generation of computer peripherals. Dazzle your friends with these cool gadgets, very well made devices which are constructed from high quality tempered glass, solid metal base and finest components. Completely wireless, together with rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries provide you the freedom to do more in more places and not having to deal with clutter of cords.

However, this might be another classic take the money and run kickstarter project. Shame!


Magic Cube

I know it is not new, but it still looks cool today!


Tablet With Felt Keyboard Case Concept

This special keyboard is designed to be a tablet case, but you can use it as a keyboard once you take the tablet out. However I’m getting a kick out of the casual interaction between the protective jacket and the tablet. It’s just too awesome!

When outside its housing, the keyboard behaves like any other. When not in use it is withdrawn into its light-sealed housing for UV disinfection


Self-Sanitizing Keyboard

Computer keyboards are undoubtedly some of the most germ-filled objects we touch on a daily basis. Vioguard, a Washington State-based company that creates products with infection control, aims to solve the dilemma with a self-sanitizing keyboard.

By flooding the input device with germ-killing ultra-violet light for 90 seconds, Vioguard claims that nasty microbes will cease to exist and so reduce the risk of users inadvertently spreading infection.

At USD$899, it's unlikely that your average consumer will be so afraid of microbes that the Vioguard keyboard becomes next season's must-have computer accessory, but it will make sense to have one in the healthcare sector, in laboratories and even in restaurants and hotels, hopefully leading to a downturn in associated infections for Joe Public.


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