Interesting Creative Plant Pot Designs

No matter how cold the winter is,Spring is sure to come. Do uou have any thoughts of greening your home? Thought you might want to update your plant pot, we prepared this week’s post – some Creative and Innovative Plant Pot Designs which will help to stylize your indoor gardening as well as keep your plant alive and healthy. Basing on their features, we categorized them into four group: Pot with Multifunction; Pot help you communicate with your plant; Pot help water your plant and Pot with Unique Shape.

N0.1 Planter + Fishtank

This is a planter and a fishtank. You put your regularly potted plant in this pot on top, and a goldfish on the bottom. What could they provide for each other, you might ask? Waste! Yes, the fishes turn their eaten bait remnants into nutrients for the plant, while the water fed to the plant is filtered as it passes though and becomes clean for the fish. It is a totally natural and lovely system.

No.2 Timeless Garden

Timeless Garden tries to bring in a green patch and clock to match your décor. Using the chemistry between mud and metal, the clock sustains itself, without craving additional toxic juices.
The rather minimalist white polypropylene plastic ‘pots’ hide a system that both retains moisture but keeps plants lower down from becoming over-watered, by draining excess liquid directly down through drainage hole. You only need to water the plant once a week.  

No. 3 Umbrella Holder & Planter

The umbrella pot has a plant pot at the bottom to use the rain water. This umbrella pot allows rainwater from your umbrella to drain into the plant pot. Low-maintenance way to keep a small plant.

No.4 Dish Drainer + Planter

Here is another excellent solution for small kitchen offered by Milan based design studio DesignLibero. “The “Fluidity” is designed to serve a double function. The concept’s success lies in its simplicity. Basically, it is a dish drying rack that lets you grow your fresh herbs and any small plant you want. The water that trickles from the washed dishes irrigates the plants. The base, thanks to its fluid form, directs the wastewater into the sections where are plant containers placed. Each container is perforated at the bottom for water passage. The containers are filled with clay pellets and coconut fiber, to control the water environment of the plant on the one hand and to keep clean the dish drainer base on the other hand.

No.5 MonPot

The thing with MonPot is that it’s a potholder with an inbuilt rotating timer and is inspired by the sorts you see on an oven. There are plants like cactus, buddleia, California poppy, red-hot poker and many herbs that don’t need watering every single day. So if you are the forgetful sorts use this alarm and do the job timely. Just rotate the base to a setting of your choice, like a day or a week and a reminder light will go off at the end of the duration.

No.6 Planter Ashtray / Box

If you or your friends are smokers, then you know how difficult it can be to incorporate an ashtray into your decor, let alone deal with the smell. Tab A (vase) and Tab B (planter) are clever little solutions to this problem, hiding an ashtray beneath either a vase or a planter. A perfect way to conceal a dirty habit both visually and aromatically.

No.7 Eva Solo Orchid Self-watering Pot

Eva Solo is a self watering pot specially designed for orchids. Thanks to a nylon wick in the base of the pot, the plant can draw up the water it needs.


No.8 IV Plant Pot - Self-watering Pot

Feeling guilty because you're leaving your plants home all alone while you go out gallavanting around? Put them in intensive care with the Self-Watering IV Plant Pot (£150), a home for that special-needs plant that looks like an Apollo spacecraft with an IV drip hanging on it.

This is not just any self-watering flowerpot. Besides its humorous qualities, its hanging IV bottle is actually useful, letting you easily see when the water supply is running low.

No.9 Color-changing Solar Power Planter

As its name suggests, this stylish designer pot soaks up the sun's rays in order to charge an internal battery that powers several built-in LEDs. As night falls the entire pot begins to glow, adding an enchanting touch of magic to your garden/patio. But what if the pot is shaded by trees, walls or fences, we hear you ask? No problem because its solar cell is on a separate spike connected to the pot via a 3m cable. Simply stick it in the ground and hide the cable. Genius, and no mains wiring required. What's more the whole shebang is splashproof to protect against the gorgeous British summer.

No.10 Speakers with built-in Planter

Here’s a pretty interesting speaker concept from JVC; it’s a regular speaker (albeit slightly unusually shaped) with a tiny potted plant on top. The idea is to combine an eco-friendly concept in with a speaker. The mold is from earth safe plastic and the speakers can all be linked up together to form one large eco-ghetto blaster speaker. In theory it’s a good idea; in practice- not so much. Putting something you need to water on top of electronic equipment? Not in my house.

No.11 Skyplanter 

Skyplanter allows you to grow plants upside down indoors. Quirky and a talking point (if not head-banging-by-inadvertance point).No.13 Babylon Plantable Light Fixture

Named for the legendary Hanging Gardens, the Babylon light fixture by Ryan Taylor of Object/Interface gets top marks in both the form and function departments. Of course, it helps that it’s been so expertly planted, with just the right variation of plant heights and textures. This planter would be ideal hanging over a kitchen counter, full of herbs, so you just need to reach off and take exactly the amount you need for the dish you’re cooking.


No.14 Book Planter

Water and feed the seedling inside, and it will feed your imagination. Although the planter can stand alone as a single book, it tells a particularly interesting story if placed subtly on a shelf among its printed friends.


No.15 Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden

The Smart Herb Garden was made to take complete care of your plants while you enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Basically, it is a large reservoir of water into which the herb cartridges are suspended to keep them moist. The light is on a timer so that it could provide light for the herb during the night. The herbs are provided in pre-seeded pots with Click and Grow's specially formulated soil. 





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