Those Crazy, Cute, and Creative iPhone Cases

There are tons of reliable iPhone cases out there, but why settle for one that simply covers your device? Case manufacturers are getting more and more creative, offering iPhone shells that can double as stun guns, brass knuckles, and even thermal cameras (you know, for hunting ghosts). There are also plenty of cases that simply look wacky, for the extra-expressive user. Here are some of our favourite iPhone cases that break from the norm.

NO.1 - Lego Inspired Case

Every boy and girl played with LEGO blocks at sometime during their childhood. Now here’s a creative rendition of LEGO blocks that will bring back that playful youth. The nConnect Design Block Case for the iPhone is made of rubber and is movable just like LEGO pieces. The unique block style has spaces in-between it that let you stick your earphone cords on easily. The LEGO block case is so sturdy you can also use it as a stand when you want to watch videos or movies. It comes in bright colours like blue, purple and orange.

NO.2 - Multi tool Case

It is very rare that if you own a mobile phone you leave the house or go anywhere without it these days. This is one of the main reasons companies are looking for ways to cram all of the technology they can into these devices, so you won’t have to carry around multiple items such as numerous plastic cards to make payments. This is an iPhone case which manages to squeeze a massive 22 tools into it, including a pair of pliers, bottle opener and screwdrivers!

Don’t be deceived though, this case is pretty hefty compared to your average everyday case and will definitely add some noticeable weight to your device. However with 22 tools included this is was always going to happen and in my eyes is a small sacrifice to make for having all of these handy.

NO.3 - Pocketbuddy Case

The Pocketbuddy Case for iPhone is literally a portable storage compartment attached to your phone.It also features removable pill organizing tray and slide in card holder. The Pocketbuddy case enables you to carry all the necessities like gum, mints, medications, bank cards and can even serve as a cigarette case.

NO.4 - Feed Me case 

The feed me is an adorable, form-fitting protective case designed for iPhone 5. As we can see from the images, the iPhone 5 case features a mouth-like opening on the back for your credit cards, cash and EarPods just like a little pocket, and the combination of the “mouth” and a pair of “eyes” make your iPhone 5 look like a cute cartoonish creation along with gorgeous color, you even can change its face with accompanying eye stickers.

NO.5 - Lego case 

This is an iPhone 5 case that also doubles as a platform for building Lego creations on the back side making it an interesting proposition. Created by Belkin and Lego Group themselves the Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5 provides premium protection to the smartphone, just like any other good case while adding a bit of fun as you go on building cool Lego creations on the back side in your free time. Made from official Lego Base Plate and co-molded hard plastic, the Lego case has scratch resistant and shock absorption in the event of a fall, which is provided with semi-flexible outer frame.

NO.6 - UpperCup iPhone case

To be the honest, the UpperCup is a fun idea. After all, how many of us hold a coffee cup in one hand and our phones on the other while we’re on our way to work? I’d say one too many. The thing is, I’m not entirely convinced that it’s a good idea to carry both side by side. What do you think?

NO.7 - LOL. The Biggest iPhone Case in the World

"it was great for my monkey he can make phone calls and eat it at the same time ! thanks"

NO.8 - E ink Case

We check our smartphones dozens of times every day, sometimes just to perform the simplest of tasks, such as checking the time or reading an incoming text. The net result is that a good portion of battery life can often waste away for no good reason. An effective solution is to combine a smartphone with an E Ink ("electronic ink") display, either by embedding it on the rear of the device or by using as a functional phone cover. you'll be able to view notifications directly from your phone, as well as answer or decline calls, run fitness apps, store maps for offline use, view pictures and control music playback directly from the device itself.

NO.9 - FLIR Case

At $349, Flir is one of the most expensive cases around, but what other cover allows you to hunt for ghosts? This thick, soft-touch case looks unassuming at first glance, but it packs an internal camera that transforms your iPhone 5 or 5s into a fully functional thermal-imaging device. Once calibrated, Flir allows you to read heat signatures in real time using the Flir app, and the case's 1,400-mAh battery can be used to juice your phone

NO.10 - Ready Case

Consider this the Swiss Army knife of phone cases. It includes a headphone clip, an adjustable camera lens ring, a USB drive that doubles as kickstand, and an integrated multitool featuring a bottle opener, a blade, and a flat-head screwdriver. What, no corkscrew?

NO.11 - Dokkiri Hand Case

If you for some reason want to add bulk to your iPhone case and dig creepy stuff, you're in luck. The Dokkiri Hand Case attaches a silicon hand to the back of your case, so you can intertwine fingers with the pseudo-hand when you're chatting on your phone (or, for the truly lonely, to hold hands with while home alone on a Saturday night). It's available in a Lady's Hand size and a Kid's Hand size, for whatever strikes your fancy. However, the hand obstructs your iPhone's camera, so you have to remove the case to take photos, assuming you still have any friends to take photos of after buying this.


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